About NBR

With a history of consistent growth and innovation spanning over 3 decades and 3 generations NBR is one of the most reputed names in the industry. Their reputation for quality is hard won and it is a legacy that they always live up to. To ensure quality NBR has been quick to implement new technologies and management systems. They have always changed and evolved with times. While everything has changed in the last 30 years, the core values of hard work, consistency and integrity remain the same. NBR is an efficiently-run family owned enterprise. This is one big family. (100) member strong family.

Our first aim is to understand client’s requirement and satisfy him with the best quality at an affordable cost. With a wide experience in the field of Radiator Trading and Manufacturing, with a sense of commitment to consumers. We have grown to become a reputed & pioneer manufacturer of quality cooling equipment for Automotive and Industrial applications.We believe in catering cost-effective products without compromising the quality standards. Our group consists of a team of skilled technicians who are striving continually to improve and update the re-manufacturing methods. .

How We Do

Individual Solutions for Individual Requirements

Each and every range of heat exchange solution are custom built as per industry requirements. We will strive to meet your every need when creating our units.

Product - The Perfect Fit

NBR always bases its principle on thinking like our customers and understanding their needs.NBR will present the right machines not only based on the required requirements but also another extremely important consideration for our customers-budgets.

Superior Performance and Widest Selection

3 decades of practices and continuous improvements contribute to NBRs leading role in Heat Exchange solutions. NBR`s dedication to innovation brings our customers the widest product lines.

Proven Assurance of Absolute Quality and Reliability

Meticulous design and production, innovative development and high quality standards without compromise are the trademarks of a NBR.

Why choose Us?

Modern Technologies

Sturdy, durable and highly performing core construction produced with advanced aluminium brazing technology – controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB).

Effective Planning

Supreme Durability and Thermal Performance

Cores equipped with double-folded fins, reinforcing the fin against mechanical damages as well as increasing the total heat exchange surface.

Why choose Us?

Perfect Fit

Perfect finish in every detail such as water tanks, connections, threads, bolts, gaskets, mounting brackets, etc. This enables a trouble-free installation.

Product Application

Automotive Industry

We offer aluminum and copper radiators, in various core thicknesses with superior Tube quality for the maximum cooling.

Heavy Earth Moving

NBR has a range of rugged designs with anti-clogging copper fin designs, customized for the construction and mining industry.

Commercial Transport

Aluminium air charge coolers options with cores in Extruded tubes or Welded tubes with Inner Turbulators, along with options of un-louvered fins are available.

Agriculture Machinery

We offer aluminium and copper radiators with special anti-clogging un-louvered fins to minimize debris clogging the system


NBR specializes in the manufacture of extra-large copper/brass cooling systems for diesel-powered locomotives with up to 4000 HP engines.


We offer highly efficient copper and aluminium cooling packages for Genset applications for operating in closed sound insulated canopies.


NBR offers a complete package for the cooling requirements of Wind Mills.


We offer plate & bar design cooling packages for Compressors of 10 KW to 150 KW.

Construction Equipment

We offer both highly specialized aluminium and copper/brass cooling systems depending on the application and the environment of the equipment