Copper Radiators

Pioneered Cuprobraze Technology.

Although aluminum has replaced copper radiators to a large extent but there are applications where copper is still preferred.

We manufacture radiators and cores for more than 200 models. A large variety of copper and brass combinations are also available like German pattern and English pattern based on customers’ demand. NBR makes German pattern which means tubes are placed close to each other for better coolant content and English pattern where tubes are placed at higher pitch to get better air cross flow.

We can use different cooper and brass width as well thickness as per customers requirements. Some of our Sub brand names famous across India are - CHAMPION, MODERN, RELIABLE, SUPREMO.



Particular Champion Modern Reliable Gold Supremo Hit Super
Brass Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Width(A) 24mm 26mm 29mm 29mm 32mm 24mm 29mm
Thickness(B) 0.07mm 0.08mm 0.09mm 0.09mm 0.10mm 0.05mm 0.05mm
Tube/10inc 25 tubes 28 tubes 27 tubes 31 tubes 25 tubes 22 tubes 22 tubes
Width-4row(D) 45mm 53mm 64mm 65mm 78mm 43mm 54mm
Thickness 0.04mm 0.04mm 0.04mm 0.04mm 0.04mm 0.04mm 0.04mm
Fins/inc 6fpi 6fpi 6fpi 8fpi 6fpi 5fpi 5fpi
Tube Length(E) 7mm 8mm 9mm 9mm 10.5mm 7mm 9mm
Tube Width(F) 2.5mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 2.5mm 3mm
Distance b/t Tube(G) 7mm 5.5mm 6mm 5.5mm 7mm 8.5mm 8.5mm
Distance b/t row(H) 2mm 3mm 4mm 4mm 6.5mm 3mm 3mm

Brands and material used for generators boring machines and heavy duty application

Particular English Pattern Light Duty
Supremo OEM Pattern Reliable
Brass Image Image Image Image Image
Width(A) 29mm 29mm 32mm 32mm 29mm
Thickness(B) 0.12mm 0.12mm 0.10mm 0.14mm 0.12mm
Tube/10inc 16 tubes 16 tubes 25 tubes 20 tubes 28 tubes
Width-4row(D) 56mm 68mm 78mm 68mm 65mm
Thickness 0.05mm 0.04mm 0.05mm 0.05mm 0.05mm
Fins/inc 7fpi 3fpi 7fpi 7fpi 7fpi
Tube Length(E) 9mm 9mm 10.5mm 10.5mm 9mm
Tube Width(F) 2.5mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm
Distance b/t Tube(G) 12mm 12mm 7mm 9.5mm 6mm
Distance b/t row(H) 5mm 14mm 6.5mm 4.5mm 4mm