Off highway [Earth Moving]

We offer heavy duty copper/brass radiators for off-highway/mining trucks used in the construction and mining industries. NBR has a range of rugged designs with anti-clogging copper fin designs, customized for the construction and mining industry. We produce copper/brass radiators for engines ranging from 270 HP to 2500 HP. NBR uses in-house developed components (patent applied) along with dampeners, cross supports and end tube blockers to isolate the cooling modules from the extreme vibrations.

We offer complete cooling packages which can include any of the following heat exchangers

  • Radiators
  • Hydraulic oil coolers
  • Engine lube oil coolers
  • diesel fuel coolers
  • Transmission & torque converter oil coolers

Application across various product verticals in many industries.

We offer OEM and Custom designed products across all industries where ever heat exchange solutions are required?