On highway [Trucks & Buses]

We offer complete cooling modules including Steel mounting frame, De-Aeration tank, Fan cowl, Radiator, Condenser, Transmission cooler, Diesel cooler, and Inter-cooler. Aluminum air charge coolers options with cores in Extruded tubes or Welded tubes with Inner Turbulators, along with options of un-louvered fins are available. Extra large aluminum radiators are available in several louvered / un-louvered fin and oval / B-tube options. We have the capability of brazing aluminum radiators for up to 350 HP engines (core sizes of 900 x 1200 mm) For additional product life, NBR uses in-house developed components (patent applied) along with traditional vibration isolation features.

We offer complete cooling packages which can include any of the following heat exchangers

  • Radiators
  • Charge air coolers
  • Fuel/ diesel coolers
  • Transmission & torque converter oil coolers

Application across various product verticals in many industries.

We offer OEM and Custom designed products across all industries where ever heat exchange solutions are required?